June 22, 2024

5 unique things tourists need to know about Guyana


Typical of many South American countries, Guyana is famous for its dense forest, cricket-loving players and audience, and rich calypso music. But this Caribbean country sets itself apart with features that add to the cultural richness and heritage it prides itself on. If you’re thinking of traveling to Guyana as a vacation destination spot and you need to know what to look out for, then you’re in the right place. Here are 5 unique things you probably didn’t know about Guyana

Religion is not a barrier

Guyana is a multi-religious country with its indigenes practicing Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. However, during Christmas, the celebration transcends all ethnic, religious, and social definitions as Christians and non-Christians alike dance in the streets or share their caring for one another with gifts and feasting. For this country, religion is a bond rather than a divisor.

Land of many waters

Guyana means “land of many waters”. Water loving tourists would be pleased to discover that Guyana’s most famous tourist attraction, the Kaieteur Falls, is among the five biggest waterfalls in the world. It is 250 m high, higher than Niagara Falls, and 100 m wide in the rainy season. It is surrounded by thick forest.


Stay left when driving

Unlike many countries in the world, Guyana does not conform to right-hand traffic. Drivers, instead, use the left side of the road. As a matter of fact, Guyana and Suriname are the only countries in South America to drive on the left. The reason for driving on the left side of the road is historical. British horse riders used to ride on the left, thus keeping their right arm free to offer greetings to passersby or draw their swords. Since Guyana was colonized by Britain, it only makes sense to stick to familiar terrains.

Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America.

If you’ve ever hesitated to visit Guyana because of language barriers then you’ve got it all wrong. Because South America is characterized by Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch as its main languages, many foreigners think English is not an official language of the continent. However, Guyana stands out as the only South American English-speaking country. 


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