June 22, 2024

Guyana is famous for its rich cultural flavors. From affiliations with colonial masters to immigrants, each bringing their native foods and recipes, this South American country has dishes borrowed from cultures around the world. This adds to the beauty this Caribbean country is known for. Here are our five favorite foods to recommend.


Pepperpot is the national dish of Guyana and celebrates the contribution of the nation’s first people. It is a slow-cooked meat stew using beef, but some versions use mutton, pork or chicken. The meat is cooked with peppers, cinnamon, spices, and cassareep (a sauce made from cassava root (yucca) and a handful of other ingredients). Soaking up the decadent stew with a piece of homemade bread is a great way to enjoy this dish


Metemgee is a hearty and thick soup bursting with the flavors of African heritage. This tasty dish involves boiling together vegetables and hearty starches such as plantain, yam, cassava, sweet potato, and others. The vegetables and starches are all combined with some meat in a coconut milk broth.


Dhal is a gravy dish made from boiling yellow split peas in water with garlic, pepper, and other spices. A swizzle stick is used to make the dhal smooth and then slightly burnt cumin and garlic are added for a hint of smokiness. This flavorful gravy with rice or roti can be topped with any meat or any vegetable dish.

Coconut Choka

Coconut choka is ground fire-roasted coconut seasoned with onion, garlic, and lots of pepper. It is enjoyed with rice and dhal and is quite a fiery meal. Choka can also be made from roasted eggplant and tomatoes or fish, which are then mashed and seasoned with onion, garlic, pepper, and fresh herbs.

Chicken Foot Souse

This dish has European origins and consists of chicken feet. Other variations include the ears, feet, knuckles, and shoulder of a pig, or the heel of a cow and the head, which becomes gelatinous when cooked. The cooked meat or trimmings are usually soaked in a brine made of water, lime juice, cucumbers, hot pepper, salt, and specially prepared seasonings.


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